GNP+NA is goverened by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.

These board directors are chosen from the membership.
This board is equally represented by Canada and the United States of America.

50% of the entire board is up for election annually

The 2013 AGM will be held 30 September, 2013.
As a live Interactive Web Cast.
Members will recieve details shortly.

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Seats up for election 2013

Canada: 5 Seats
2 years QC-Québec/Nunavut, PRA-Prairies/NWT, PAC-Pacific/Yukon, CA3 At-Large ATG
1 year ON-Ontario

USA: 4 Seats
2 years US1 At-Large ATG, US3 At-Large ATG, US5 At-Large ATG, US7 At-Large ATG

Canadian Election Process (8 Seats):
5 Regional
ATL-Atlantic, QC-Quebec/Nunavut, ON-Ontario, PRA-Prairies/NWT, PAC-Pacific/Yukon,

ATG 3 At-Large
CA1-CA3 At-Large.

Seat terms are determined to stagger regional representation and are grouped as follows;
Even years (ATL-Atlantic, ON-Ontario,CA1-At-Large, CA2 At-Large)
Odd years (QC-Québec/Nunavut, PRA-Prairies/NWT, PAC-Pacific/Yukon, CA3 At-Large)

All members of GNP+NA who are residents of Canada are eligible to present themselves for available positions on the Board.
Regional seats are restricted to persons residing in those regions.
The election process will be held annually. To renewable term or to ratify those who have been appointed by the Board.

The Board of Directors will have staggered terms and each region can determine their selection process.
The following are the preferred processes for election for each region,
Candidates identified via these processes are presented for ratification at the GNP+NA AGM:
1. Pacific/Yukon – Pacific AIDS Network Meeting PHA Forum
2. Prairies/North West Territories – CAS PHA Forum
3. Ontario – OAN Annual General Meeting PHA Body Meeting
4. Québec/Nunavut – COCQ-Sida Caucus des PVVIH
5. Atlantic – Atlantic Knowledge Exchange and Information Ceilidh
6. At-Large Positions – CAS PHA Forum

All Canadian vacancies that are filled using the above processes are required to be ratified at the AGM.
In the event that a Canadian seat is still unfilled, Canadians are encouraged to present themselves during the AGM.

USA Election Process (8 Seats):

8 At-Large
US1-US8 At-Large.

Seat terms are determined to stagger turnover of representation and are grouped as follows;
Even years (US2, US4, US6, US8)
Odd years (US1, US3, US5, US7)

Vacancies are filled during the AGM and ratified by the membership.

Board Member Responsibilities

All GNP+NA Board Members share an equal general responsibility to insure the organization operates as effectively as possible to meet the mission of GNP+/NA
The following list reflects the scope of responsibilities shared by Board Members to accomplish the goals and mandate of GNP+NA:

1. Promote GNP+NA and its mission both locally and nationally

2. Determine policies and strategies for the development of GNP+NA in collaboration with other board members and staff;

3. Work with staff in the implementation of GNP+NA’s mission and goals;

4. In considering GNP+NA’s limited staff resources and time zone differences among board members, respond to staff/board member requests for information andsupport in a timely way;

5. Insure the financial stability of GNP+NA by assisting in program development, membership expansion, and fundraising activities;

6. Maintain membership with GNP+NA, including active affiliation with a community program;

7. Commit to a two-year board term;

8. Attend and participate in all board functions, including one meeting per year (GNP+NA pays travel, hotel and per diem) and conference calls (monthly);

9. Participate as a contributing members of at least one board committee;

10. Encourage the use of technology, including e-mail and internet, among board members and other GNP+NA members;

11. Fulfill all duties pursuant to GNP+NA’s bylaws and the policies developed by the board; and

12. Promote active member involvement in GNP+NA’s work.

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